The Handpan Gets All Sexy - With OlyasDream

Cards on the table, here at HPM - we’re not big Instagram users, and still aren’t entirely sure of its purpose.  Television has led us to believe that it’s a place to post photographs of yourself looking all sexy and stuff - and we’re just not attractive enough for that ourselves. But when an Instagram Queen starts sharing somewhat unique Handpan videos over at YouTube, you can be sure that we’re going to sit-up, and start paying attention.  

In terms of the erotic or raunchy, the Handpan hasn’t had too much exposure to date.  The much-loved Yuki Koshimoto is frequently described as being the “sexy hang drum girl” (or titles to that effect) over at YouTube.  Porn Star CherryCrush, is known to play some singing-steel. And more recently, some of the videos of Gioli, have brought a pop-esque tantalising quality to the world of Handpan. But pushing the boat a little further still into the realms of the risqué, if you enjoy your Handpan videos with the occasional Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct moment - Olya's "Dreaming Baby", is a video that just might find favour with you...

With 2,155 (and counting) Instagram followers Olya describes herself as a creator of magic: art and design. Emotional dream traveller.  And sound of the future.  And while we suspect that her performances might entice mixed reactions from within the core Handpan-community - there is no denying that here is a woman who has taken the Handpan, and is very much walking her own path with it.

And if one video of a semi-clad gyrating Olya just wasn't enough for you - Olya's offering of "Sunrise Magic" - may go some way to placating your appetites...

If you’d like to hear more from OlyasDream (or perhaps have been struggling to find the right toner), you can subscribe to her YouTube channel: HERE.  Or if you are more interested in the pictures, you can follow Olya over at Instagram: HERE.

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