Gioli - The DJ Versus the Handpan Instrument

We’ve used the “Versus” term somewhat inappropriately in post titles before, as we have again here (mainly because we like the sound of it).  But in reality, there is no conflict here.  But instead, the pleasant marriage of different musical ideas, and styles.  

When Gioli burst onto the Handpan scene, racking up over sixteen million views with her “first touch” Handpan video shared over at Facebook (with her Tzevaot brand of Handpan), it was clear that this was somebody who was going to be bringing something new. A DJ and composer with a strong background in electronic dance music, that runs evident throughout her Handpan compositions - with her over 600,000+ Facebook fans (at time of posting), Gioli wasn’t just introducing us long-time Handpan-fanatics to something a little bit fresh, but was also introducing a whole new genre of music fans to UFO-shaped singing steel. And you can take a listen to Gioli’s first full Handpan composition below, Echo of the Woods...

While Italy-born Gioli might specialise in Techno / Deep House dance music, in addition to having now added the Handpan to her repertoire, Gioli, also plays guitar, drums, and cello, and has been playing the piano since she was just eight years old.   She co-founded her own record label, #Diesis Records, that seeks to merge classical sounds, with house music vibes.  And in terms of deserving mad-props, as somebody involved heavily in the electronic music scene, Gioli, could have easily just acquired herself some Handpan samples to mix into her music, and be done with it. But she didn't. She goes hand-on-steel...

Find more from Gioli over at Facebook HERE.  Or find her at YouTube: HERE.

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