The Hangwallah - Handpan Music by Lukas Zeller

With the sun out.  And a glass of red wine in hand.  Here at HPM we needed Handpan music.  And while when we usually head over to YouTube it’s to catch the day’s latest videos, today; we needed something more solid.  An album.  And on typing “Full Handpan Album” into YouTube, there in first result was, Lukas Zeller’s, "The Hangwallah".  A full album recorded using Hang, Halo, and SteelHarp.  And wow, what a nice piece of music.  Perfect for such a day.

With Lukas’s bio over at Facebook being in German, and us not speaking the language, there is not much that we can tell you about the man behind The Hangwallah.  Other than if Translate was effective, him being 35 years old, and this little snippet of text:

“...on many places and streets of this world, I was able to find out what a deep connectedness this sounded At the listeners. As something very deep in us would swing to swing.” - Lukas Zeller

And over at The Hangwallah Bandcamp page, fan of the album, Nick Schelvis, had the following to say:

“Not particularly a favourite track. I like them all very much! I enjoy most handpan music but this album truly takes me on a journey in the story the artist is trying to tell, which keeps having my interest and why i enjoy to keep listening to this album over and over again!”

And we agree, there’s a beauty to it.  And a purity.

So, if like us, you find yourself in sunny days.  With a glass of wine, or lemonade.  And an hour or so to kick-back and think of nothing.  To be carried away.

Hit play below...

For more you can find Lukas over at Facebook: HERE.  Or over at Bandcamp: HERE.
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