Mix the City - Creating Handpan Mix Music in Tel Aviv, Israel

Following up on our recent post on, Gioli - the electronic music mixing Handpan-playing DJ, we’re now going to introduce you (assuming that you’re not already familiar with it) to, “Mix the City”.  A website that allows you to create your own audio/visual music mixes, featuring musicians, and instruments from around the world (including the Hang/Handpan).  And this thing is tons of fun.

A British Council funded project that lets visitors not only tour and explore the musical identities of different cities via its motley crew of street performers.  Mix the City also allows users to become part of the experience - by providing functionality that goes beyond simply listening - granting users the ability to create their own mixes.  Combining drums, zithers, guitars, sitars, synths, singers, and more, from seven (and growing) inner-city soundscapes featuring local musicians.  And you can get some idea of what you can do with Mix the City in one of the many YouTube uploaded examples below...

Wanna play?  Here we'll link you through to Tel Aviv, in Israel.  Where you'll find a few snippets of Hang to play around with, along with a whole bunch of other musicians. And as stated above, there are also a growing number of other cities to sonically-explore.

Meet the Musicians

Each city section of the website features an area that introduces us to all of the featured musicians.  And from here we can learn that Mix the City's Hang-playing Tel Aviv local, is Liron Meyuhas.  Hang-musician, and vocalist.  Who you can hear performing as part of La Gitana Project, below...

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