Enter the Dojo - Online Handpan Instruction and Courses with David Kuckhermann

Earlier in the year we took a brief look at a couple of other online Handpan schools, including Masterthehandpan.com, by David Charrier. And in a similar vein with this post, we’ll be directing your attentions towards the "Handpan Dojo" - a collection of online instructional Handpan courses put together by top-notch Handpan musician, and instructor, David Kuckhermann. That offers a web-based course for beginners to the instrument-type, and a second course offering more advanced techniques (with possibly more to come).

David Kuckhermann has been a familiar face in the Handpan-world for many years now (and in the wider world of world-percussion). His album "The Path of the Metal Turtle" remains a popular favourite.  And the series of instructional DVDs put out in conjunction with fellow Handpan-mainstay, Colin Foulke, back in 2012, were a well-received first of their kind. With the Handpan Dojo walking a similar (but new and updated) path, while also making the content more conveniently (and immediately) available via online streaming.

And for a little taste of the flow of the Dojo's direction, you can watch an introductory video below...

'Now climb, young grasshopper, so your Kung-Fu won't be weak'.

Ready to enter the Dojo - in search of further information, or to begin your training?  Then roundhouse-kick your way on over to handpandojo.com: HERE.

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