Hangism - Hang-Inspired Art

Hangism PanArt Hang 8
While many, upon being first introduced to the Hang, or HandPan, comment that its likeness bares similarities to such things as: Woks, Garbage-Can lids, and Weber grills (not things that are typically considered to be of great beauty) - HandPan, do have a subtle, humble elegance to them - that seems to reveal itself, the more time you spend in close-proximity to one.  And the fact that they resemble a gigantic metal flying-saucer, is also, in and of itself, pretty damn awesome.  

And so, it seems only right, that an instrument of such considerable, if not immediately obvious, visual charm, should give birth to its own art-form.


Hangism, is the invention of one, AoxoA - HandPan musician, and artist.  And Hangism itself, is reminiscent of the collaborative "Cubism", by Picasso & Georges Braque.  With which it shares resemblance, and a palette.  

Each work of Hangism is: “created by using a single digital image of a PanArt Hang. The image is duplicated, flipped, rotated, moved, and layered as needed. And, various adjustment details are applied”.

With the initial works of Hangism, by AoxoA, being based upon the image of a second generation Hang (see photo above).

To learn more about Hangism, and to view more examples of the Hangism style of art, you can visit aoxoa.co: HERE.
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