The "Partners of PANArt" License, and Licensees

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Back in January, 2014, PANArt (the Hang makers) announced via their website, in a post titled, ‘License Offer’, that having been awarded patents to protect certain methods of manufacturing their instruments, in particular, the procedure for converting common steel sheet into sheet with a higher intrinsic energy (a material known as ‘Pang’), that they would be offering licenses to use their patented methods to the makers of other metal sound sculptures.

Stating that: “With the acquisition of a license you will be entitled to produce your instruments with our patented production method which will result in excellent, tuning-stable and unique instruments.”

With the license, additionally, affording makers the right, to market their instruments as being, ‘Made according to patented PANArt Method’. And inclusion within PANArt’s official list of ‘Partners of PANArt’, as now found on their website.

The unusual thing about this licensing agreement, is that PANArt seems to be offering nothing in the way of help, or advice, to makers, in achieving any specific level of quality - stating that, “The license does not contain any course or teaching”.  However, in March, 2014, PANArt did offer, in a post on their website titled, ‘Material Analysis’, a service in which makers could send PANArt a sample of their materials for testing, with the primary aim, seemingly being, to assess if PANArt’s patents were being infringed upon - whether this analysis, and the achieving of a certain level of quality in the base material is required to obtain a license from PANArt, is currently unknown. Though, Tzevaot, one of the few makers to have been granted a PANArt license at time of posting, offer some insight into the process: HERE.

At time of writing, only two makers appear on the newly posted list of PANArt licensees: Tzevaot, and Dave Beery, of Dave’s Island Instruments.  You can view the list, and find more information on PANArt's license offer: HERE

View PANArt’s U.S. Patent: HERE, and EU patent: HERE
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