Hang Massive - Beats for your Feet

For a long (long) time, typing ‘Hang drum’ into YouTube has always brought up one video in first position, the almost legendary Hang track by Manu Delago, ‘Hang Drum Solo’, with (at time of writing) over four million views. However (and again at time of writing), recently, searching for Hang videos on YouTube now displays a different video in position number one. ‘Once Again’, by the duo known as ‘Hang Massive’. A track that has garnered just short of a million views, in roughly seven short months. Has become one of the most shared Hang tracks online. And, on a personal note, sits high among my own favorite tracks.  No small achievement!

Hang Massive is made up of (‘Hang Playing hedge Monkey’) ‘Danny Cudd’, and ‘Markus Johansson’. And whether Hang Massive represents a permanent split from fellow Hedge Monkey ‘Daniel Waples’, for Danny Cudd.  Or simply time apart doing their own thing for a while (with Daniel currently performing as one half of ‘Hang in Balance’), we’re not too sure. But whatever the reasons. Hang Massive have been putting together, and releasing, some awesome tunes. And while Once Again could rightly be considered to be the jewel in their crown (at time of writing). Their 2011 release ‘Beats For Your Feet’, makes for an enjoyable listen throughout. And is available for donation, at the HangMusic website. Along with Danny Cudd’s solo releases. And all manner of other Hang Massive goodness, such as pics, videos, and details of any upcoming live performances.

I, for one - can’t wait to hear more...

Visit HangMusic.org: HERE

Or visit Hang Massive over at: Facebook * YouTube

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