Cimantone - The Japan-Made Steel Tongue Drum

They say that Japanese is one of the hardest languages in the world to learn. And other than the occasional ‘Moshi-moshi’, I neither speak, nor understand a word of it. Which is going to make it difficult to write anything of any use about the new (at time of writing) steel tongue drum from Cimantone. However, if you’ve read any of my other posts, you’ll know that that isnt going to stop me from trying...

If the ‘Whale Drum’, of Jim Doble is by far the largest steel tongue drum we’ve yet to come across, the new ‘Micro6’ drum from Cimantone - is by far the smallest. So that while Cimantone make a variety of drum, in a variety of sizes, for the sake of this post, for pure novelty value, it’s the teeny-tiny Micro6 STD that we’ll be concentrating on.

Palm-sized, and pocket-sized, the Micro6 is a six-note Hank drum that weighs in at a ridiculously small 35mm (Height), 90mm (Diameter), and 210g (Weight). With the notes arranged low-to-high around an almost Ding like central note that when struck resonates all of the surrounding notes in unison. And according to the Cimantone website, the Micro6 also doubles as a Shaker (when filled with iron balls), and possibly a purse-friendly vanity mirror too.

Supplied with bag, and mallets (we’re not sure how well this tiny drum would sound played with the hands - or just how difficult it would be to play it). The Micro6 is priced at 11,000 Yen (around $140 US). And along with its bigger brothers, is available from the website: HERE

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