The Best of HandPan Dancing - Busking Moments Caught on Camera

Every website needs a good-vibes, lol-catz-style, cutesy humour page (as far as we’re concerned) to bring a smile to the faces of its visitors - before they pass on through. And now, for as long as the owners of the following videos don’t disable embedding, we’ve got ours.

For some; HandPan music is meditative, for others it’s perfect to fall asleep to. Some like to chill with a big-fat blunt, and get all introspective. But others, when the pan-man starts playing his beats, well, they can’t help themselves but get up and dance. Especially (but not limited to) the kids.

And so with that in mind, in this post, we bring you the best of HandPan dancing, and dancers. Those unexpected moments caught by HandPan players out and about. Where those listening, led by choirs of Angels, dance impromptu jigs, and twirl like there’s no tomorrow, to the sounds of singing steel. Let the HandPan dance-off commence... Enjoy. :)

Daniel Waples and the Amazing Dancing Boy

Cute Girl Dances to some Halo in the Park

Crazy Guy Busts Some Moves to Buskers

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