Handpan Floor Stands - by NaturePan

While beautiful musical instruments, Handpan, are not, in general, the easiest of instruments to store.  There are some really decent protective cases now on the market, but, storing your Handpan in its case long-term is known to potentially lead to rusting problems.  So what’s the solution?  In the past we’ve highlighted such things as the ornate display stands of Handpan Stuff, and the more recently offered wall-mount solutions of Artful Steel.  And in that same manner, for those looking for a smart way to store/display their instrument(s), Latvia-based Handpan-makers, NaturePan, have brought their own solution to market, in the form of these “antler” inspired Handpan floor stands.

Constructed from wood and leather, fold-able, and inspired in form and looks by “deer antlers”, these innovative floor stands for Handpan are another option worthy of consideration for those looking to keep their Handpan stored safely, while at the same time, looking pretty damn snazzy with it...


Find NaturePan Handpan floor stands for sale: HERE

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