Homemade “Hang Drum” like Instrument - Made from Empty Plastic Bottles

Want to play the Handpan but the costs of purchasing one are just too prohibitive?  Perhaps it’s time to get creative…

Over the years we’ve stumbled across a number of homemade Hang/Handpan inspired inventions, such as this stringed invention, and this PVC tube built instrument, built by Dennis Havlena.  The man who also invented what is without doubt the most successful Hang-inspired instrument to date (other than the Handpan of course), the Hank drum, made from empty propane gas tanks.

However, this recent video by Edward Black Rose, is a new one on us.  It’s a Handpan-inspired instrument built from empty plastic bottles.  And to our ears - it sounds surprisingly good…

How is this thing put together?  We’re not really sure - other than how it looks to be put together.  If you’re interested in learning how to make one perhaps try hitting Edward up over at his YouTube channel.  Where hopefully, there will be a tutorial video to follow. (Update) Like this one.

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