Eat Your Guru - Handpan and Didgeridoo with Andy Duroe

While it has been amazing over the last few years to report on the myriad of new Handpan-makers bursting out onto the scene, and the stream of new accessories, and other related innovations that have gone hand-in-hand with that.  The flip-side of the symbiotic relationship that sits at the core of Planet-Handpan, is the music-makers themselves - those who take these UFO-shaped steel tools, and release for all to hear, the choir of Angels tethered inside of them.

And as the world of Handpan music increasingly becomes a veritable buffet of intriguing flavours and exotic spices, one delicacy that certainly should not be overlooked, is to eat your Guru.  Or rather, “Eat Your Guru”, the experimental Handpan/didgeridoo-centric electro music project of seasoned Handpan-musician, Andy Duroe. Who has not only been around since the early days of Hang, selling thousands of albums, and with over twenty-five years as a performing street artist under his belt. He has also recently been nominated for the 2017 “Just Plain Folks Music Awards” (the world's largest independent music awards).

And if you are not yet familiar with the Handpan music of Andy Duroe, we encourage you to change into your stretchy pants, and tuck in, to the flavoursome dining experience that is Eat Your Guru’s third (and latest at time of posting) album, below…

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