Taking your Hang / HandPan on a Plane - Travelling with your HandPan

Mark Twain once wrote that “a man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way”. Buddhist teachings tell us that “there is none so wise that they cannot learn from others”. While Mr.T from the A-Team, states simply, and without question, that, “I ain’t gettin’ on no plane!”

And while each of these points of view have their virtues, historically, with the prices, and rarity of HandPan being what they are (among other issues, such as PANArt refusing to re-tune Hang these days) I’ve been inclined to agree with Mr. T, and not risk it. But when an accomplished HandPan player like Colin Foulke steps up to share his experience of travelling the globe with his pans in tow, offering tips, and advice for the would be HandPan globetrotter. Only a fool would choose to ignore the lessons learnt by Colin (and risk the health of their HandPan), should you be considering taking your own pan(s) away with you. Covering as his excellent post does over at handpan.org, how to get your instruments through security relatively unscathed, advice for boarding, in-flight, and amongst other gems, the sharing of a tip told by Daniel Waples of the Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys, in which the Hang cavity can be used to store a weeks worth of clothing inside of it, for those wishing to travel light, or make optimum use of their luggage space.

So like any good Buddhist on the path to enlightenment, or merely a HandPan enthusiast hoping to minimise risk to their ‘baby(s)’ while travelling. You can pop on over and read Colin’s post in full (and/or share any of your own experiences in travelling with Hang/HandPan): HERE.
Or alternatively, you can visit Colin Foulke over at his own personal website: HERE.
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