The PANArt Hang Meets the Eigenharp Alpha

Of all the electronic Hang, and HandPan spin-off’s we’ve come across so far, from the relatively simple ‘Hang drum’ iPad app, through to Korg Wavedrum sample sets, and the Sonic Fingers Dome Control MIDI device, the following has come the closest we’ve seen/heard so far, to mirroring (with eyes closed), the feelings invoked within us, when listening to a talented (and live) Hang musician play.

The Eigenharp

The Eigenharp is a brand of electronic instrument even more recent in its creation than the Hang itself (released in 2009), and is in essence, a highly flexible, portable, software driven controller. That utilises a matrix of velocity sensitive multi-expressive keys, to activate, and manipulate, any given chosen sample set. Through which, while the Sonic Fingers Dome Control may mirror the Hang more in appearance, the Eigenharp does a far better job, using the ever popular SonicCouture’s HandPan sample packs, of reconstructing the sound of a hand-played Hang, in terms of expressiveness.

Beautifully put together by ‘G.Bevin’ over at, the attached video demonstrates the MK1, and MK2 Hang sample sets being played simultaniously, in what the artist describes as ‘The arrangement is very similar to what would happen if you cut a real Hang Drum in two and bend each half until it's straight, with the Ding and Gu stuck at the top end.’ And for an instrument we’d never heard of prior to this, it’s effective enough to make us consider selling yet another kidney (don’t ask where we get them all from) to pony up the cash for one of these bad boys . Awesome!

Or for more information, read the original post over at HERE.
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