PANArt Hang V’s iPad “Hang Drum” App

Recorded at the Redwood Nights Festival, 2011, this great little video demonstrates the potential of some of the now numerous “Hang Drum” apps, available for devices such as the iPhone, and the iPad (and there are a few Android compatible apps out there now too). Performing in a duet with a first generation C minor pentatonic PANArt Hang, the iPad Hang app, connected to a small speaker, actually mixes with, and holds its own against the Hang pretty well (in our opinion). Watch the video (above) and decide for yourself.

So that while you’d expect Hang drum simulating apps to be little more than a novelty, as we’ve reported before, some of them ‘surprisingly’, sound pretty decent. And while they’ll never be fully on-par with playing a genuine PANArt Hang, when mixed with the touch-screen capabilities of many modern devices, such as the iPad, they can actually do a pretty good job of mimicking the Hang, in the right hands. Providing a relatively cheap (assuming you already own the technology) means through which the Hang hungry can sate their hungers, before continuing their search, if desired (and probable long wait), for the genuine article.
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