Bjork : Biophilia - Manu Delago Brings the Hang Like a Virus

If you didn’t know, over the past few months (at time of writing) Hang-virtuoso Manu Delago, teamed up with world-famous Icelandic singer-songwriter ‘Bjork’, performing alongiside the pixie-Esq performer during a number of shows to promote her new album, ‘Biophilia’.  And in addition to teaming up with Bjork for her recent tour, Manu Delago, lays down some lullaby beats on the Biophilia album track ‘Virus’, a track that while (to my ears) is a little chime-heavy at times, is overall a strange, and beautiful song.

And what’s more, and this is what sets Bjorks new album apart from others, with some even calling it ‘groundbreaking’, and hailing it a return to the days when buying (and subsequently listening to) an album was something of an immersive experience, that seems lacking in these days of nondescript digital downloads. Each track on Biophilia, comes encased within an app, ten of which (one for each track) sit within a mother app, each of which opens into an interactive ‘game’, that allows the user/listener to interact with the song. With the overall theme tying the entire album together being ‘the bond between humans and other living systems’. 
The Bjork/Manu Delago track, Virus, emulates a cell coming under attack from disease. An attack that for awhile, you can defend the dying cell from, before giving into the inevitability of it all, in order to allow your experience to continue. With the ‘message’ of the song being summed up as, ‘the virus loves the cell so much, it ultimately destroys it...’

You can find, Biophilia: Virus, for sale over at iTunes: HERE

Or read an interview with Manu Delago discussing the Bjork tour: HERE.icon

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