The Path to Owning a HandPan

A year or so ago I stumbled across a question on Yahoo Answers asked by an American in search of a HandPan, asking if they were available for sale 'here'. To which the top-rated answer received was “We have everything in America!” And while technically now, since the arrival of the Halo, with regards to HandPan at least, this may well be true. It doesn’t take most who fall in love with the sounds of these singing steel creations too long to realise, that popping down your local Walmart to pick one up, is not going to be an option...

The Path to Owning a HandPan

As with most things in life, there are many different paths to owning a HandPan. You could write a hand-written letter to PANArt, cross your fingers, and hope to one day be invited to Switzerland to pick-up your Hang. You could try your luck in a lottery like that for a Pantheon Steel Halo. Endure with patience the long waiting lists of the BELLArt BElls, or the Bali Steel pan. If patience isn't your strong point, and you have money in the bank, you could snap one up for an inflated price on ebay. You could become part of a HandPan focused community such as that over at, and perhaps with luck, acquire one from a fellow member at a price more palatable (which does happen from time to time). Or alternatively, you could keep up to date with the latest developments, and subscribe to a site like our own (see button bottom-right), in the hopes of catching a 'new' HandPan, and acquiring one early, before demand begins to outweigh supply.  With each chosen path, whether in terms of time, luck, dogged persistence, or sacks full of cash, requiring a strong commitment, of one kind; or another.

Which leads us to one particularly well documented journey, from discovery, to realization of the dream, and beyond, as recorded by the ‘Quiet American’ (AKA Pantheon Steel’s Halo Helper ‘Aaron’). Which we highly recommend you have a read of: HERE.

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