Harvest Harmonics Hank Drums

These have appeared in numbers for sale on ebay recently (and as such we've had people reaching this site looking for info on them), but try as I might, I can find very little information about them to share.
A basic, and colorful looking six note steel tongue drum, Harvest Harmonics Hank drums are currently being sold via ebay for just $135 (upwards), half the price of the next cheapest Hank. And while until recently no sound samples were available to listen to on-line, those who dared to buy with very little info to support their purchases are now starting to leave feedback to help others who might also be interested make up their minds before committing to buy.
You can now watch the (embedded) video to get some idea of what they sound like, and also, you can visit YouTube for a quick review (kindly offered up along with the video by 'Raku777') to get some idea of what the Harvest Harmonics Hank drum are like to play: HERE
Additionally, you can also communicate with the makers via their Facebook page:HERE
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