The Gu’ Band - Showcasing the Pang Instruments of PANArt

We featured the Gu’ Band briefly in a post we published earlier in the year titled, Gamelan, and the Pang Orchestra - which discussed the connection between the instruments/sound-sculptures of PANArt (the Hang makers), and the Gamelan instruments of Indonesia.  

And while PANArt themselves may have moved on somewhat from their original Hang design (which would become the prototype for the entire Handpan instrument-type), it’s natural that most fans of the Handpan should have an at least partial interest in what the parents of the Handpan are up to, and putting out, with each subsequent new addition to the Pang family of sound-sculptures.  And as it turns out, one of the best ways of doing this, is by following the activities of the musical ensemble going by the name of "Gu’ Band".  An outfit that features exclusively the Pang instruments of PANArt.  And primarily the newer Pang instruments, such as the Hang Bal, Hang Gudu, and Gubal...

The unprecedented access that the Gu' Band appear to have to PANArt's complete range of next-generation Pang instruments suggests that PANArt themselves could be involved in some manner with the project.  Or at the very least, have given it their blessing.  And in addition to featuring PANArt's next generation percussive instruments, and the original Hang, the Gu' Band are the only place we've yet to see in use (other than PANArt's own videos) the stringed Pang Sui, Pang Sai, and Pang Sei...

You can hear more from the Gu' Band over at YouTube: HERE.  Or find them at Facebook: HERE

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