Fixing Broken PANArt Hang (and Other Handpan) - With Blesspan

When towards the end of 2011 PANArt withdrew their previous offer of re-tuning, and maintenance work for their earlier Hang instruments (anything prior to the Free Integral Hang if we remember correctly, though certainly for first, and second generation Hanghang) thousands of Hang owners suddenly found themselves with nowhere to turn, should their Instrument (sound-sculpture) become detuned, or fall foul to some other tragedy.  

And while very few things these days come with any kind of life-time warranty, with the ability to tune Hang, and/or Handpan, being an especially rare skill (particularly at the time), to say it was a godsend, when some of the newer makers began to extend offers to pick-up where PANArt had left off, and provide tuning services for the Handpan’s earliest Swiss incarnations, would be underselling it.  And one of the first to officially offer maintenance work for Hang in need (and other Handpan) was Italian Handpan maker, Tommaso Varriale, of Blesspan.  Who according to the resume on his website, has to date retuned at least thirteen PANArt Hang.  And below you can watch him perform a complete restoration of a first generation PANArt Hang, in Yu Shang Diao tuning...

And while PANArt employee, Micheal Paschko, raised The Ship of Theseus conundrum over at YouTube (now removed) regarding Tommaso’s work - with PANArt no longer offering to re-tune or repair earlier Hang themselves, the argument is essentially moot in this instance.  And of far more use are the videos provided by Tomasso Varriale, of some of his previous work on Hang, to which those in need can listen, and decide for themselves…

You can find more information on the re-tuning services offered by Blesspan: HERE

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