The LUG LOC - A HandPan Tracking Device

In these days where GPS, and tracking technology, has found all manner of modern applications, from tracking stolen cars, through to the movements of wayward children.  We knew we couldn't be the only ones who have given thought to just how handy, a device for tracking Handpan in transit, would be.  Particularly for our globetrotting brethren.

Yet as is increasingly often the case these days, while we have given the idea only passing thought - Hardcase Technologies man, Alessio, has already given shape to the idea, in the form of the LUG LOC.  A device that uses GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) technology, to grant users the ability to trace their luggage, anywhere in the world.

To avoid any confusion, Alessio is not the inventor of the LUG LOC, but as the man behind some of the most highly regarded Handpan travel solutions on the market, he’s certainly well-positioned, to bring the devices existence to the attention of travelling Handpan musicians, and to supply it, through the network of makers who already stock HTC’s protective cases.

As with any other form of luggage, or belonging - reports of pans being lost by airline companies, or having been stolen, are frequent enough to cause concern.  While stories of newly purchased Handpan, lost or misplaced, by mail couriers, on route to their new owners, highlight another use for a device like the LUG LOC.  

Contrary to the video above (which is more about tripods, than Handpan - though entertaining regardless) the LUG LOC has a battery-life of 15 days, not hours.  And the LUG LOC can be purchased via the Hardcase Technologies website: HERE - where it will no doubt make a tempting addition, to anybody already purchasing a case, etc. from HTC.  Alternatively, LUG LOC can also be purchased from online retailers like Amazon, should that prove to be more convenient.  And you can find more info over at the official LUG LOC website: HERE.

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