Daniel Waples Meets Lyrically Challenged (HandPan and Hip-Hop)

While it’s been a little bit quiet for us on the Daniel Waples front in recent days, we were delighted to wake this morning, to a breakfast of pure gold - served up by Daniel Waples, and Lyrically Challenged.

We love hearing the Handpan crossing into new genres here at HPM - And the following performance from Daniel, and Lyrically Challenged, an almost So Solid Crew like outfit (we hope that’s not insulting to them), is a bona-fide genre-buster.  Pairing the Handpans heavenly sounds, with those of inner-city urban Hip-Hop...

Many of our readers will be familiar with Daniel Waples, one of the original pioneers of Hang/Handpan music, with nearly 130,000 followers to his name over at Facebook (at time of posting), and millions of views, to his YouTube videos.  

Lyrically Challenged however, you may be less familiar with, so here's their introduction from over at YouTube: 'LC Collective are 3 female rappers Shay D, Sirena Reynolds and MC Angel with Singer Emma Prior and DJ Shorty. Solo artists who have come together from Lyrically Challenged the event representing 'Love and growth through hip-hop'. From hip-hop to depstep, conscious, deep and provocative this group of artists are setting stages, studios and mics n decks alive with passionate real and raw energy.'. - You can visit their channel: HERE.

Growing up in the days of Cypress Hill's Black Sunday, and the Wu-Tang Clan's 36 Chambers, we enjoy a bit of Hip-Hop. And while the Handpan is traditionally more babbling brooks, and blessings of love and light, than spitting lyrics in graffiti-painted-concrete-blocks - this track really works for us. The girls and guys of Lyrically Challenged demonstrate some nice flow, the beat-boxer has skills, and Daniel Waples is on top-form. Placing Lyrically Challenged Cypher, alongside the likes of Zara McFarlane's, Open Heart, among our favourite Hang / Handpan crossover tracks, thus far.

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