Joan Jibuk Aeolian - And the Return of the Hoodie

If you are a little newer to the world of Handpan, you may not be aware, that a few years back, the “Hoodie”, gained some ground, towards becoming an integral part of the Handpan players "uniform".

While here in the UK, in the early to mid, 00’s, stories of “Hoodie Gangs”, made up of reportedly “Feral-like” inner-city youths, running around causing all-manner of mischief, became popular in the tabloids. Just a few short years later, it seemed as if the whole world, and their Grandma, had taken to the “Thug-Life”, with the Hoodie entering mainstream fashion in a huge way. Culminating for us in the summer of 2012, when Her Majesty, the Queen of England herself, was photographed while driving her Range-Rover, looking proper-Gangster, with her face partially shrouded under the hoodie she was spotted wearing at the time.

The Hoodie, and the Handpan

Love for the Hoodie, within the Handpan world, was sparked initially, primarily, by an early Hang performance featuring, Davide Swarupe, one of the early pioneers of Hang/Handpan music.  A performance of which the majority seemed to agree, that not only did Davide play awesomely, but that he also looked kind of awesome too, in his black hoodie - like some kind of mystical-space-Jedi-warlock…

When it comes to the hoodie, and Handpan players though, it's not all about the aesthetics of the garment.  As can be seen in this nine-page thread from over at, that dissects the role of the hoodie, and its importance to the Handpan musician, and street performers in particular, in enjoyable detail.

In recent days though, the hoodie has become a rarer sight, among the many Handpan videos we watch over at YouTube daily.  So we were secretly pleased earlier this week, to stumble upon the following offering from Joan Jibuk Aeolian, the half of Anuah with a Y-chromosome - with which we're excited to welcome back, like an old friend, the hoodie - in spectacular fashion...

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