How to Make the Ultimate Pantheon Steel Halo Album / CD - For FREE

If you’ve fallen in love with the sound of the Pantheon Steel Halo, or more to the point, the many sounds of the many and varied Pantheon Steel Halo sound models, and would like the ability to be able to listen to some great Halo music at your leisure (and preferably for free), at time of writing, there is a way to do just that.

Tuned by Kyle Cox, Pantheon Steel Halo are among the most revered and sought after of HandPan.  But in addition to being a master tuner, Kyle Cox is also an incredibly talented HandPan player.

The main drawback with purchasing the average HandPan album (if you consider it to be an issue) is that the majority of players, will own at best only a small handful of these rare instruments, meaning that finding any individual album that can show off the vast number of HandPan scales, and flavours, now available, all in one place, is virtually impossible.  However, with Kyle Cox being both a highly gifted player, and a highly skilled maker, in this, he is somewhat at an advantage.  And with the majority of Halo sound models, both past, and present, having sound samples that exceed simple scale runs, uploaded on the Pantheon Steel website, we too can take advantage of Kyle’s rare position.

With literally dozens of Halo samples in MP3 format available on the Pantheon Steel website, and with the majority (if not all) being beautifully crafted compositions in their own right, each showcasing a different sound model, it is very easy to download these MP3 tracks, and craft what we like to think of; as the ‘Ultimate Pantheon Steel Halo Album/CD’.

Downloading is simple, when you click on the MP3 link next to each sound model it takes you to a page featuring a small audio player.  In order to download the sample you simply need to right click your mouse on the little audio player, choose ‘save as’ (may display ‘save video as’ or something similar), check ‘save as type’ is set to .mp3, hit ‘save’, and you're done.

Repeat the above for all, or simply for your chosen tracks, and you have now got for free, some of the best Halo music (and arguably HandPan music, period) online, to listen to as and when, and wherever you choose.  Enjoy. :)

Listen to (and download) the Halo sound model tracks: HERE
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