Electric HandPan - The Genesis Symphonette

In our last post discussing the ‘Mother Hang’, the first Hang prototype, we took a look at where ultimately all HandPan had come from.  In this post, we’re going the opposite way, and taking a look at a more recent development in the HandPan’s evolution -  ‘The Electric HandPan’.

Fitted with a pickup or microphone installed somewhere within the HandPan’s chamber, this variant of the Symphonette HandPan from Dave’s Island Instruments is believed to be the very first Electric HandPan (or electro-acoustic HandPan).  And whether the idea of an electric HandPan is something that you’re into, or not, there’s no denying that it does open up new options for experimentation.  And potentially, for buskers, performers, and recording artists, a more convenient way of capturing, and/or projecting the sound of these delicate-natured instruments.

>> Another video of the electric Symphonette <<

The Symphonette HandPan from Dave Beery have received growing praise from within the HandPan community, and in addition to the electric HandPan that inspired this post, It has recently been noted that Dave is now experimenting with nitrided shells - a development that is usually proof of an increased commitment to producing higher quality instruments of the type generally more favoured.  At the time of writing there are very few (possibly only the one) electro-acoustic Symphonette(s) in the wild, and as such there is not much audio/video upon which to judge the appeal of this development.  And we’re additionally not currently aware of any electric pans that have been produced by other makers (though we’d be surprised if others had not experimented in this area).  So, with that in mind, we’ll do our best to update this page as and when other electric HandPan appear on the market.  But for now, for more information on the electric Symphonette, you can seek out prices and availability via Dave’s Island Instruments: HERE.
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