PANArt Vs EchoSoundSculpture (The Legal Battles Continue)

Despite in the early days of the PANArt Hang, the Hang-makers at PANArt seemingly welcoming new makers to “take up the hammer”, and follow in their footsteps.  Even going so far as to release much of the technical information regarding the Hang-building processes into the public domain. In recent years, PANArt’s open, and welcoming attitude, has now, like the original Hang itself (which was retired in 2013), become a relic of the past.  So that while PANArt themselves have become increasingly irrelevant to the Handpan-scene, that they themselves spawned.  Evidence suggests, that while they may have lost interest in producing Handpan-style Hang themselves (with their newer non-Handpan instruments still partially retaining the Hang name), their more-recently acquired enthusiasm for dragging newer Handpan-makers through the courts, seemingly in a desperate bid to reclaim what they gave up by failing to patent their new creation back when that was still an option, continues with gusto.

Back in 2012, PANArt, took one of their first competitors, Spanish Handpan-maker, and the man behind “BEllArt”, Luis Eguiguren to court.  Though (to our understanding) with the exception of the imposing of a few minor stipulations, PANArt lost their legal battle.  

But despite that loss, and they themselves stating in their 2013 published book, Hang: Sound Sculpture, that:

‘When the first copies of the Hang appeared in 2009, we turned to patent and market attorneys at Bovard AG.  We learned that we were already quite late.  However, an attempt was made to protect the Hang’s design.  Unsuccessfully.  There was nothing to be done against the copies by BEllArt (Spain), nor those by Pantheon Steel (U.S.A)...'

It has recently come to light that PANArt continue to try, regardless.  With an announcement made by their fellow Swiss makers, Echosoundsculpture, that:  

Meaning that despite having yet to really find any success in shutting down the "competition" through legal processes - newer makers might yet still expect to find a letter through the door, from PANArt’s lawyers. Possibly in attempt to "encourage" makers to sign up to their "Partners of PANArt" licensing deal...

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