Handpan Meet Furry - The Fox and the Hound-Pan

Here at HPM we love witnessing the Handpan make its way into all manner of situations and communities, the more obscure the better, and in particular, those that sit outside of the core Handpan-community (for reasons we’ll illustrate further below).

If like us, you’re a big fan of the long-running HBO television series, Entourage, you’ll likely be at least partially familiar with the concept of Furries (see picture right).  But for those who aren’t, a “Furry”, is an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics, and in particular, a person who dresses up in costume as such a character or uses one as an avatar online.  And the following video by YouTube user, Sparxboi, is perhaps the first documented meeting between a Handpan, and a bona fide Furry.

The Handpan being played by Sparxboi above is a Vietnam-made, Pansula Handpan.  And while these may have earned themselves a fairly questionable reputation, primarily due to the fact that at least one person involved with these instruments has been known to use misleading videos in the past (the videos of other makes of Handpan) to sell their instruments.  This particular Pansula Handpan, is one of the nicer ones we’ve personally heard (particularly when you consider the dude is wearing giant Furry-hands). With other more recent Handpan offerings from Vietnam also showing signs of improvement.  

Which is why, going back to the point we made at the beginning of this post, it was unfortunate to once again stumble across a member of the blessings-of-love-and-light brigade, in the form of Pandora Pantam-man, Martin Berman, offering the following in the way of encouragement to a Furry who was clearly enjoying himself…

It's always a pleasure to find yourself a part of such a loving and nurturing community. Here at HPM, if we can't look out for the under-dogs, you can be sure that we're going to be looking out for the under-foxes (or Furries in fox outfits at the very least). And while we're not saying that these are the best sounding Handpan on the market by any means, regardless of your thoughts, if you come across somebody out there enjoying life, playing some Handpan, and generally having a ball - there really is no need to wander on up, and spit in their face...

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