The Sounds of Nibiru - Singing Steel for the End of the World

With claims by conspiracy-theorists, or truthers (depending on which side of the fence you stand) growing in number, and magnitude, that the coming of Nibiru will soon be upon us.  With this post, we’ll be taking a look at the work of Ukraine-based steel-tongue-drum manufacturer, SupernovaWorkshop.  And in particular, their “Planet X” inspired model (featured below).

But first, for those who don’t know - Nibiru, is said to be a large planetary object, or planet, roughly four times the size of Earth, that will, at some point in the near future, pass close by, or even collide with, our own home. destroying it in the process, in a cataclysmic-apocalyptic-doomsday-extinction-event (nasty stuff).  And while the prophesized coming of Nibiru might have a pretty shaky origin-story, coming in the form of a warning to a human-contactee named, Nancy Lieder, via a mysterious race of Aliens known as the Zeta - that has not stopped it from gaining popularity.  With YouTube evidence supposedly showing this mysterious planet approaching
being bountiful, and suggestions that tunnels such as those recently built under the Denver International Airport being an attempt by the Elites to escape mankind's coming fate, aplenty.  

The Sounds of Nibiru - by SupernovaWorkshop

Considering that our own invitation to the tunnels, or space-faring life-rafts of the Elites is likely to be a long time coming - we will likely need to find other ways to fill our final hours. And with that in mind, perhaps there are worse ways to spend your final moments, than in playing something contemplative, comforting, or perhaps even celebratory (depending on your mindset) - with the aid of one of the SupernovaWorkshop's homemade Nibiru themed steel tongue drum (pictured right). Tuned to an Aeolian sound-model, and featuring a somewhat unusual double-tongue design...

Find Nibiru Drums by SupernovaWorkshop for sale over at ETSY: HERE

Or take twenty minutes out to learn what the effects of a rogue-planet like Nibiru entering our Solar System might have (even with the worst case scenario of a direct collision avoided) for the human-race - below...

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