A Visit to the TerraTonz Workshop

While we at HandPans Magazine, have yet to visit the TerraTonz workshop ourselves - thanks to the power of internet resources like YouTube, coupled with an army of independent net vloggers, generously sharing their experiences with us, the citizens of the interweb - we don't have to. So that while of course, it's always an adventure to make these journeys yourself, a well-made video, is certainly, the next best thing.

And so it is, that we join YouTube user, Derek Ferwerda, as he meets with, “C.R. PanMan”, boss-dog over at US HandPan makers, TerraTonz.  As he takes a tour of the TerraTonz workshop, and receives a talk on the production of the TerraPan, and their StarSeeds range of steel tongue drum...

Songs from TerraPan Tunnel

Probably our favourite collection of TerraPan videos are those we've come to know as "Songs from TerraPan Tunnel". A collection of videos filmed in a "mysterious" tunnel, located near the TerraTonz workshop, where the TerraTonz crew seem often, to take visiting musicians, to play, and record their performances.  Performances that include the following, by Sam Maher, and Geronyom,..

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