T-Shirt Spotlight - Tattoo-Style HandPan Buddha

Just a little T-shirt spotlight post, to show off a design we’ve recently stumbled upon over at F**k-the-Pain.net (you may want to give the site a miss if you’re particularly sensitive to “bad” language).

It should be pretty obvious why we at HandPans Magazine like the design - with it not being a million miles away from our own logo.  But with the F**k the Pain crew seemingly being a tattoo studio based in Germany, that specialises in custom tattoo art - you can see that quality shine through in their design.  Which essentially takes our own logo idea, and makes it somewhat better.  

If we could change one thing about FTP’s design, it would probably be the text, which we’d love to be able to customise - with it not really being to our personal tastes.  But otherwise, we like this one a lot...

For more information, and/or to purchase one for yourself: CLICK HERE.

Not to your tastes? - why not take a peek over at our own Spreadshirt store instead, where you can find more Handpan t-shirts, etc for sale: HERE
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