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             >> Tips for Avoiding eBay Scams ! <<

HandPan are still very new, and very rare - if you're looking to purchase a HandPan on eBay, bookmark this page and check back regularly - this page is updated daily, and while we make no guarantees, having watched Hang / HandPan sales online for some time now, we're able to filter out the majority of the more 'obvious' (if you know what you're looking for) scams that you might find on eBay directly (decisions regarding quality of sound however, and how much of your money any particular pan is worth, particularly with regard to new builders, and prototypes, we leave to you).*

* HandPan can differ considerably in sound, and quality, so we always recommend doing your homework before hitting that 'Buy-It-Now' button. You'll find many of the auctions listed on this page being discussed over at HandPan Bay: HERE.  Or alternatively, find a list of HandPan makers: HERE. Check out the Hank drum for sale section instead: HERE.  Or ask questions over at our forum: HERE

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