Living in a Hobbit Hole - With Handpan Musician Dan Price

Having spent some of the Christmas holidays watching YouTube documentaries on “Mobile Living”, and tentatively Googling such things as “Land for sale”.  The following video featuring Handpan musician, Dan Price, and his self-built Hobbit-hole-like home, could not have been better timed - to both inspire, and induce jealousy, in those of us not residing with only our Handpans for company, in quite so pleasant Shire-esque dwellings.  

The Handpan has often been seen by many as being quite a “spiritual” instrument.  Which is a label that we’ve not always felt fully at-home with here at HPM, believing the Handpan to be an instrument that can be enjoyed by anybody, regardless of any particular inclinations.  Which is something that could be equally true of the desire to go off-grid and build yourself a Hobbit-hole in which to live. Because while the idea might be more likely to draw towards it a particular kind of person, likely, there are times, where each of us might yearn for that level of getting away from it all…

For more information on the project, including a full colour e-book for sale titled "My Tiny House" you can visit Dan over at his website:

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