How to Protect Your Handpan During Shipping Using Expanding Foam

The following is a great little tip we learned of via the guys behind the RAV Drum.  While hammered out of steel, Handpan can be susceptible to damage from the slightest of knocks and bumps, and over the years, the majority of the horror stories that we’ve heard from Handpan owners whose instruments have suffered accident, have been regarding damage that has occurred during shipping, or other forms of transportation.  And this seems like a great way to help prevent that from happening.

We could have put together a step-by-step guide with photos and all that, but honestly, you’re not going to need it.  While seemingly very effective, this is about as simple as it gets.  And inexpensive too, when compared to any potential ailment that might be caused to a Handpan on the move.  And all you’re going to need is some cling film/Saran wrap, and a can of expanding foam (of the kind often used in the building trade).

Then simply wrap your Handpan in the plastic film, and then once nicely wrapped, proceed to create a nice solid protective shell around your Handpan using the expanding foam.

Want to get some idea of what the finished product might look like - take a peek at the video below…

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