MAYTZO - Bringing HandPan Music Back a Gear

We first stumbled across Maytzo at the beginning of last year (2015), and were instantly taken with their sound.

And now perhaps, at a time where arguably it feels like a few too many of us, have at least partially traded our own “inner styles", in favour of trying to emulate the often fast-paced, technique-heavy playing methods of pan-artists like, Adrian Portia, and Kabecao (awesome as they are) - the beautifully-crafted-sweet-melodic-soundscapes of Maytzo, all of a sudden, seem even more appealing than ever.

Like a breath of fresh air, Maytzo, reel things back a little.  No need to break a mental-sweat while listening, trying to figure out: “what the hell did he/she just do there?” - but instead, simply enjoy the music - which is as rich, as it is sweet - conveying genuine emotion, in place of ding-bending, and harmonic-isolation.  

The music of Maytzo shares partial flavour with fellow Spanish boy-girl Handpan duo, Anuah.  And like Anuah, Maytzo appear to favour (or at least feature primarily) the instruments of Spanish Handpan maker, BEllArt. And a fair bit of flute.

Over at YouTube, Maytzo, describe themselves as being:

‘...a Duo specialized in Hang, Bells and Handpan music. Extremely harmonic and melodic. But we don't stop here. We use the rhythms to create acoustic dub and reggae music. All with the lovely sound of Hang. Our instruments are: Hang/Bells/Handpan, Cross flute, bansuri, melodica, bass, guitar, xaphoon, xylophone, pianokeyboard, percussion, etc.’...

To hear more Maytzo music, you can find them at YouTube: HERE, or over at BandCamp: HERE
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