HandPan Bling - by RevolutionJewels

If King Midas had found employment making Handpan, for tiny little pan-playing pixies, surely, he would make them something very much like these…  

22k yellow, and rose gold plated - unfortunately, for those of us who are human-sized, these Handpan are too small to play. However, for those of us looking for something shiny and Handpan-shaped to hang around our necks - you could do worse than to check out RevolutionJewel’s "PendPAn" range of Hanpan-themed “Bling”, and other assorted knick-knacks.

‘We are glad to introduce you the new generation of PendPAn. The PendPAn is a miniature of the musical instrument called Handpan or Hang. It's totally handmade with passion and love for this kind of musical instrument. The PendPAn V6 is made with precious Sterling Silver 925 (average 25g). All the pendant is plated with Rose Gold 22k and the ding and the ring are plated with 22k Yellow Gold. The characteristic that make this pendant special and unique is the possibility to be opened and hide something inside of it. All the PendPAns will be sold with the necklace in (synthetic leather) and there is a serial number incised inside, so every piece will be unique.’ - from the RevolutionJewels ETSY shop

Gold not really your thing?  Not to worry - RevolutionJewels offer a range of pendants, and key-rings, etc. in materials ranging from precious metals, through to the more pocket-friendly (and multi-coloured) offerings crafted from synthetic resins...

Interested? You can find RevolutionJewels offering their wares for sale over at ETSY: HERE
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