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While HandPan are generally considered to be lap-played instruments, for some, this may not be practical, or comfortable - which is where a HandPan stand might come in handy. While others might find that the use of a stand opens up new styles of play, or makes it easier to play multiple HandPan simultaneously.

So, if a HandPan stand is what you’re looking for - you might find the following options of interest. And as always, we make no promises, but we’ll try to update the list with new options, as and when we stumble across them...
Pantheon Steel HandPan Stand

As with most things in the world of HandPan, Pantheon Steel don't just meet your needs - they exceed them. And while their first generation HandPan stand was retired a while back (not necessarily because it was a bad stand- but because it didn't meet Pantheons own high standards) But following some research and development, the Pantheon Steel HandPan stand is back in the form of the second generation. And its back with knobs on. Sturdy, secure, and functional, arguably the only ‘bad thing’ to say about Pantheons stand is that it’s not the cheapest stand on the market. But with Pantheon Steels name attached to this stand, you’ll know that you’re paying for quality.  More info.
Sounds Inspiring HandPan Stands

Wooden framed tripods, the HandPan stands of ‘Soundsinspiring.nl’, take a different and arguably more rustic approach, and design to other HandPan stands. But judging by the videos they certainly look sturdy enough to keep your HandPan secure during play. And with their maker being a long time HandPan player, and enthusiast himself, you can be fairly certain that these wouldn’t be available for sale, if the maker wasn’t 100% certain that they were up to the job. Available sized for either standing, or sitting, and priced between 70-90 Euro (at time of writing), these stands make for a more affordable option, when compared to Pantheon Steels offering.  More info.

Caisa HandPan Stand

If you’re a Caisa player, in this sense you’re lucky, that the Caisa, was designed stand ready. The three holes in the bottom of the Caisa allow for secure attachment to a snare drum stand. And additionally, a Google search, or a visit to the should turn up Caisa modified snare drum style stands, customised specifically with the Caisa in mind.  Or alternatively, there's the wooden mushroom stand.

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