The Music of Joan and Kampah - HandPan from the Streets

If you’re one of the five hundred thousand and counting YouTube users to have watched them play Hang on some steps in Spain, or one of the thousand-plus people to have ‘liked’ the video, you may well recognise Husband and Wife HandPan playing duo, ‘Joan and Kampah’.

With thousands of albums sold while performing on the streets of Europe, and South America, Joan and Kampah, have very much paid their dues, with five years-plus of street performances under their belt. And now thanks to the combined magic of BandCamp, and this thing we call the interweb, the music of Joan and Kampah is now available for immediate digital download online too.

From the couples twelve-track 2009 debut album, ‘Camino’, featuring the beautiful, ‘Abrazo’, and the surreal, and a little bit crazy-sounding (reminds me of 'Gogol Bordello' - but with Hang), ‘Gatos’. Through to the couples 2012 release, ‘Aikyo en Vivo’
, with the four-piece outfit, ‘Aikyo’, (whose beautiful YouTube video of them performing in a forest reminds me of ‘that' scene from the movie 'House of the Flying Daggers' - but with less Kung-Fu, and more HandPan), the music of Joan and Kampah, is sure to please, when you're looking for HandPan music with that little something extra. Enchanting in its entirety, and delightfully experimental in places, you can listen to/purchase music from Joan, Kampah, and friends, by visiting their BandCamp page: HERE
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