Organic Plastics - And the Hang / Gubal Protective Case

Made available with later generation PANArt Hang, and now (at time of posting) with the Gubal, these cases are made from “Organic Plastics” - and while we’ll always have a special kind of love for the first generation Hang cases, among others, such as the Evatek, there is something appealing about these PANArt supplied protective cases - made from natural fibre composites.

The natural fibre reinforced plastics used in the production of these cases, utilise such renewable materials as: Hemp, Flax, and Kenaf.  In addition to plastics, and additives.  To create a material with a property potential that combines the advantages of both raw materials.

“Natural fiber composites are far superior to conventional plastic materials from both an economic as well as an ecological point of view. They are break-resistant, temperature-insensitive, thermally stable and excellently suited for molding and varnishing. Mostly, however, they impress with their low weight. In the production process, natural fiber composites relieve the environment; they are CO2 neutral, energy-saving, reasonably priced and can be recycled…” - Taken from manufacturer's website.

These cases are produced in Germany, by Jakob Winter GmbH (!You can read more about organic plastics over at their website),  as part of their GreenLine range. Though, to our knowledge, they are only available to purchase, directly from PANArt - alongside one of their creations.
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