Liron Man - The Fastest Hands in Hang (Possibly)

The owner of arguably the fastest hands in Hang music, Liron Man, born in ‘Ness Ziona, Israel’ began playing the piano at the age of four, he discovered the electric guitar at age twelve, and at eighteen, having performed widely, and having composed original music for both, branched out into such instruments as the ‘bouzouki’, and the ‘ney flute’. Drawn to diverse musical styles from ‘Heavy Metal’, through to the Gypsy music of Eastern Europe.

And it was in 2006, that Liron Man obtained his first Hang. And began to teach himself how to play. In a meeting of man and metal, that would ultimately do much to further demonstrate the true potential of the Hang, under the ‘right’ hands.

A YouTube favorite, and hypnotising live performer, Liron Man, while having been accused of playing a little too hard, by gentler playing HandPan musicians, is without-doubt, a real experience to watch perform.  An audial and visual spectacle. With hands buzzing across the surface of his Hang like an ecstatic honey bee in a bountiful flower garden. Swift and precise, combining melody and rhythm with rare flair. Pulling from the Hang complex compositions, that show that while it is an integral part of his performance, he’s not just about the speed.

At the time of writing, Liron Man doesn’t appear to have any albums available for sale, and with his tag-line being, “The only thing better than music, is live music!”, it seems that for the time being at least, Liron Man very much prefers to show off his skills in person.

So with that said, if you’re hoping to catch a Liron Man performance, the best thing to do is to follow his activities over at Facebook, which you can do: HERE. Or alternatively, for the next best thing, you can check out more of his videos, by subscribing to his YouTube channel: HERE.
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