Some Tips for Avoiding HandPan eBay Scams

* Never go outside of the usual eBay buying mechanisms.  If a seller suggests in their listing to e-mail them, and (for example) pay via Western Union. The listing is almost definitely a scam. (see pic below).  Avoid!

* If a listing does not offer PayPal as a payment option tread carefully.  PayPal offers great customer protection.  Alternative payment methods may offer no protection.

* Be cautious of new seller accounts.  While not necessarily a front for a scam (hundreds of genuine people sign up to eBay every day), they are occasionally created for the sole purpose of perpetrating a scam. Seller feedback ratings are there for a reason.

* DO NOT ->  Buy an instrument without having heard it in at least some format first.  Be it via YouTube, audio sample, SKYPE, over the telephone, or whatever (and the more the better).  There are still technophobes who genuinely may not know how to record and upload a video to YouTube, but at the very least, there should be no excuse for the seller being unable to offer a short demo via telephone.

* If you’re unsure as to whether the seller genuinely possesses the HandPan listed for sale, or not, one tried and tested technique, is to ask the seller to take a photograph (or video) of the instrument, posed with a snippet of paper with the current date written upon it. This should not prove to be a frustrating request for genuine sellers.

* Just because it looks like a Hang, doesn't mean it sounds like a Hang (or other quality HandPan). If it sounds terrible in the YouTube video (etc.), it almost definitely isn't going to sound a whole lot better in person.

* Try not to get caught up by the ‘Must have now!’ (it’s difficult I know).  But by taking your time and doing your homework a little, you’ll be far less likely to lose your money to a scammer, or purchase a HandPan that doesn't fit your needs.

* Check HandPan Bay for scam warnings.

* Still not sure? You can try seeking advice from the knowledgeable members of HERE

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