How Much Does a HandPan Cost? - Average Price (2016)

“How much does a Handpan cost?” is one of those questions that we find people frequently reaching this website researching.  And with there now being well over one hundred known makers at time of posting, it is not a question that can easily be answered in simple terms.  Each Handpan maker charges whatever price they are willing to sell their instruments for, and ultimately, that is the cost of any given Handpan.

However, to give readers a rough idea of how much money they could be looking at spending on the purchase of a Handpan, it’s easy enough to take some known prices and figure out the average.  And so with that in mind, below are the last known prices we could find being charged by a handful of established makers.  Followed by the average cost of a Handpan, based on these prices (in U.S. dollars).

Zephyr: $1479
Harmonic Art: $1700
Spacedrum: $1507
Panstream: $1450
Innersound: $2260
Tzevaot: $2800
Saraz $2400

Average =  $1979

As you can see from the above list of prices the cost of a Handpan can vary considerably. And in real-world scenarios such things as geographic locations, shipping costs, and currency exchange rates are deserving of greater consideration. But based purely on the data above, we can take the average price of a Handpan when purchased directly from a maker to be close to the $2000 mark (at time of posting).

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