Fabian Küpper - And the Sonobe-Handpan Dream Trio

HandPan Tube’s most popular offering for April. 2016, was served up by Handpan musician, Fabian Küpper - with the aid of his “Sonobe Dream Trio”, with the video titled, Groovin' Deva.  And with this post we’d like to offer a double-salute, to both maker, and player…

The three Sonobe Handpan that make up Fabian’s “Dream Trio” were made in Japan, by pan-maker, Ryo Sonobe.  A maker we’ve been following since back in 2011. And as an interesting factoid, according to “The Book of PANArt”, Ryo Sonobe was the only Steelpan-maker to take the Hang-makers up on their offer of rawforms/shells, back in the early days of the Hang’s development.

Fabian Küpper describes his Sonobe Handpan:
‘I already played many different top Handpans but my favorite is still Sonobe.
The sound is voluminous, round and warm. Precise tuning and wonderful overtones.’

And the set of three Sononbe Handpan on which he currently performs, were custom made to fit perfectly together.

Fabian Küpper - Trance-ZEN-Dance

We’ve been a fan of Fabian Kupper since back in 2014, when he was offering up some of our favourite Blue Point Steelharp videos.  So it’s great to see that he’s still very much playing, and returns armed with such stunning new weapons in his arsenal.

And with the taster track from Fabian’s upcoming album (going by the name "Trance-ZEN-Dance"), Groovin’ Deva, being last month's most popular, at HPT - we’re very much looking forward to hearing more, as future tracks are unveiled, and the album is released.

‘The new album will contain pure Handpan pieces and polished arrangements with backing of percussion, didgeridoo and kalimba. But also with some spheric, shamanic vocals.’ - Fabian Küpper

And you can find more information on Fabian, and the album-in-the-works: HERE.

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