HandPans and ElectroMagnetic Hands (Magic Hands)

Just when you start to believe that you’ve seen it all, in the world of HandPan, something comes along and in no unclear terms, shows you that you very much haven’t.  And we love that.  Which is why the video performed by Max, and Manfred (two German peeps with connections to the Innersound/Golden Sound HandPans), titled, ‘Innersound C-Minor and Magic Hands’, really caught our attention.

The ‘Magic Hands’ aspect of the video, as performed by the player on the left (see embedded video) appears to be using some kind of electromagnetic device to extract some pretty haunting tones from the Innersound
HandPan being played duet (you can see the wires coming out of the gloves), which when combined with the standard HandPan style of play performed on the right side of the pan, the effect is really quite beautiful.
Believed to operate in a manner similar to an ‘EBow’, a device commonly employed on stringed instruments such as guitars, ‘Magic Hands’, if that is the name of the device being used in the video (rather than simply the name of the video itself), is believed to cause the tone fields to resonate when stimulated with the devices magnetic field - causing the instrument to sing in a very distinctive fashion.

For D.I.Y’ers, this is probably something that wouldn’t be too difficult to recreate for yourself, however, at this point, should you be considering it, it is worth remembering that the makers of this video have close ties to at least one HandPan tuner, meaning that should this have caused damage, and/or detuned their HandPan (or would with repeated use of this device), getting their pan fixed-up. may be less troublesome, and/or costly, than it might be for you, and yours. So, do be aware that this is not yet a tried and tested technique, regardless of how awesome it sounds...

Hopefully more news to follow.

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