ETSY Scam Warning! - Noblet Steel Handpans for Sale

[Update] - Since publishing this post yesterday we have been contacted by Pepis Noblet, of Noblet Steel,who has informed us that the ETSY store linked to below is not of his making. And as such it should be considered to be a scam, and should be avoided.

Quite possibly the nicest sounding Handpan that we’ve seen offered to date via the ETSY marketplace, these Spanish-made Handpan are the creations of steel-alchemist, Pepis Noblet.  And while there is not an abundance of information to be found online regarding the maker, or the “brand” itself, at time of posting.  It doesn’t take more than a quick search through Facebook’s Handpan-centric communities to gauge that the Handpan instruments of Noblet Steel have been favourably received, acquiring new fans with each new Handpan made, and shared.  

And as is often the case anyway, with regards to Handpan, words pale in comparison, to the sounds of these singing-steel UFO sound-sculptures themselves…

To hear more from Noblet Steel you can visit them over at YouTube: HERE  Or find them at Facebook : HERE.

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