The 'TurtlePan' - Child of the 'Hank' Drum and Brother to the 'TuneTank'

Created by ‘Percussive Devices’, the small family-run business responsible for one of the earliest commercially available tank drums ‘The TuneTank’, the ‘TurtlePan’, is a custom-designed  built-from-scratch steel tongue drum that was inspired by the original Hank drums built by ‘Dennis Havlena’, that not only look amazing in their various inspired paint-jobs, but whether played with hands or mallets produce a sound that demonstrates perfectly the amount of work and dedication that has gone into producing this amazing instrument, that sings like no ‘turtle’ ever has before it.

Whether in ‘Tribal Green’, ‘Mirage (color changing paint),
or even the light-hearted ‘Smiley’ design, TurtlePans, take their name from their similarity to a turtles shell, and feature ten playable notes (the central ‘ding’ featured on some models is simply for decoration), that offer a shorter sustain and a faster decay than some other hank style drums, that allows for a faster tempo of playing (if desired) without the individual notes overwhelming each other.

With magnetic adjustable tuning, adjustable dampening, and packed with a pair of handmade soft wool mallets, and an 'akebono' scale modification kit’, Turtlepans can be ordered from the Percussive Devices website: HERE.

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